We help Women to navigate the barriers they face to work and self-employment

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Ready to address the barriers women face when it comes to earning?

The gender pay gap? The motherhood penalty? We know from endless sources of research that women face significant barriers when it comes to the workplace and entrepreneurship. That's why we started creating solutions to help increase confidence, teach skills for the modern workplace and help women break down the barriers that stop them from starting and scaling businesses.

A woman entering the workforce at the age of 18 won’t see equal pay in her lifetime on the current trajectory.

The gender pay gap in the UK is widening four times faster than in other countries (primarily due to lack of affordable childcare).

Childcare costs account for a third of household income for the average UK family.

90% of women with childcare responsibilities believe additional support is needed.

Two-thirds of women cite caring responsibilities as the reason for lack of progression.

What We Do

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LaunchPad Accelerator

Our online business accelerator helps over 400 women each year.

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Digital Skills

Teaching skills for the modern workplace.

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Bespoke Training and workshops

We can create a variety of bespoke trainings for your audience or workforce.

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Why Us

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Social Enterprise

We are a registered social enterprise. Our profits help give grants to our clients who need it most.

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Lived Experience Leaders

Founded and run by women with lived experience.

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Digital Access

All our courses and workshops are available online and we can even help our clients access a laptop and dongle.

When I found myself out of work with a small baby I was shocked at the lack of support available for women like me so I built something to change it.

What our clients say


I came to Mubo in 2020 with an idea and a desire to get off UC, 3 years later I'm working part time and working on my business creating social media content for businesses.


I ended up in a Mubo meeting in Mid Wales in 2018. It's 2023 now and I have learned so much from working with them from workshops to the accelerator and even getting help with my CV. So valuable.


I have attended five digital workshops and recently launched a podcast off the back of their training. Everyone is so welcoming and they make sure we all learn in a way that suits.

Who We Are

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Ceri Gillett

Founder and director Ceri established Mubo in 2018. She registered as a Social Enterprise in 2020. Ceri is an experienced coach and mentor with over a decade of experience in Business development and entrepreneurship.

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Claire White

Claire White is an experienced coach and facilitator who works with us to provide training, mentorship and coaching to our clients during in person and online sessions. Claire's background is in education and business.

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Hannah Lomas

Hannah joined Mubo in 2022 and has assisted in organising our Mubo Hub sessions as well as tackling the social media, podcast and content creation for Mubo and Motherhood and making money.

Lets Chat

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